Cloud software continually improves. Every few weeks Microsoft is updating and improving its solutions. You have probably clicked past these notifications in your ‘hurry to get on with your work’. The problem is that people don’t learn how to apply these improvements. The implication is worse than you think, people quickly become LESS and LESS efficient because the way they used to work doesn’t work anymore. So, they revert to familiar, less productive methods.  We have seen this many, many times... crazy workarounds people adopt, so they can keep getting their work done. Kambium overcomes this by ensuring your people learn the best way to use the latest functionality to work more efficiently and effectively. So, you get more value from your tools, and more importantly your people.  This all adds up to improved ROI on your software and staff spend.

Executive Briefing

From the myriad of regular new information and changes to Microsoft Office we  highlight the key new developments that will make a difference to your organisation. We will also review your use of Microsoft 365 to identify how you could make better use of your entitlements.
We deliver this to your leadership team as a briefing including:
  • New applications and new capabilities that have been added to Office and Windows.
  • Focus on one application and how this can be applied, including how other local organisations are using for practical difference.
  • Update on relevant wider IT matters, which may include current threats or trends.
  • Review your use of Microsoft 365.
  • Workplace analytics looking at usage patterns.

Quarterly Coaching Sessions

Every few weeks, new capabilities are automatically added to Windows and Office and there are new tools appearing all the time.  You’ve also got staff changing roles, new hires and new projects.   With a schedule of regular ‘buzzdays’, floorwalking learning sessions, we can keep your all your users up to date, and develop the skills of your super-users.
Our experience tells us that generally users don’t self-learn. Typically, they learn bad habits from a colleague or simply drop back to using the application at a minimum level simply to get the work done. Very few users take notice of the new features, in fact most simply don’t know they exist. We know how important repetition is in learning so. Kambium applies a layered approach to learning and developing skills for your team recognising that people’s needs and application are different.
We take a flexible approach to end user training so you can choose from:
  • New applications and features added during the previous quarter
  • Training relevant to an application you are rolling out or upgrading
  • Application specific training to meet development needs
If you have an existing SharePoint site, we will also build a site within the SharePoint to manage your teams training (not limited to Computer training)  

Making a real difference

In the past, system features were static from the day when they are implemented to their retirement. Cloud IT has introduced the concept of dynamic systems with new applications and features being delivered on an ongoing basis, much like on your smart phone. You constantly get updates to features and functionality. New features get introduced and sometimes things don’t work the way they used to.
For many people, their computer is a primary work tool and yet the evidence is that ‘consumption levels’ (how much people actually use) are very low, typically below 15%. According to Microsoft 80% of new feature requests in Office already exist, people simply doesn’t know how to access them.
We know that in front of every computer is a person. We know that success is a combination of great technical execution combined with engaging and coaching the users. Our experience tells us that working in Cloud is fundamentally different, with new capabilities that are different to what’s gone before, most users need to be shown how to use them.
The question is with all of this change, how do you filter out what is relevant to your business, that will make a difference, turn it into execution and change users work practices.
That’s why we developed our unique Kambium methodology to :
  • Distil from the ‘what’s new and different’ to what you really need to know about
  • Build the relevant skills of your team using a layered approach
  • Keep your team current to make the most of every opportunity.