Partner Story – Calvert Technologies

Calvert Technologies is an MSP out of Australia. They became interested in becoming a Kambium Partner to be able to expand their service offerings and have a tool set that everyone in the business can build on without reliance on Senior Management. Calvert has been a Partner since June 2019.

New customers and new revenue

Calvert Technologies became a Kambium Partner to broaden their reach with existing clients and acquire new business. Calvert Technologies added value by leveraging off the Kambium Partner assets, particularly the Best Practice Review and the Office 365 Productivity Training Resources. Calvert saw a big opportunity with Productivity Training to provide user training to existing clients but also to acquire new business from those that are not a managed service customer.

The outcome

New Business | Scale | Revenue

Calvert Technologies says that becoming a Kambium Partner has allowed them to raise the bar within the business. They now have a duplicable process that is high-level and allows the entire Calvert team to have intelligent business conversations. The Best Practice Review resources such as the report and recommendations have been an enabler for new business and time-saver to execute the services to high quality and professional standard. Becoming a Kambium Partner has allowed Calvert Technologies to bring in new revenue and continue to provide increasing value.