Partner Story – Correct Solutions


“Kambium has proven to be invaluable as a recent addition to our Managed Services offering. With the increased requirement for face to face training services being demanded by our clients, the discovery of the training material and process Kambium offers has made all the difference. The fact that Kambium are invested in our business and ensuring its success through their training and direct engagement further supports the decision we made to partner with them.” – Aaron Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager​



Correct Solutions is a well-regarded MSP with three locations based out of Australia. They recognised the need to step outside of normal MSP support to differentiate themselves from their competitors and be more strategic. There was a need to have business conversations with their clients that were beyond technology, but they needed support to elevate their offerings. Correct Solutions have been a Partner since April 2018.

New customers and new revenue

Correct Solutions became a Kambium Partner to broaden their reach with existing clients and acquire new business. They leveraged off the Kambium Partner assets and now have an Education (Office 365 Productivity Training) and ITMaaS practice.
The Kambium Partner Portal resources and guidance allowed Correct Solutions to hit the ground running. The Best Practice Review (BPR) asks different questions which uncovers various business problems to resolve. The BPR elevated Correct Solutions from technology fixers to business conversations. The Office 365 Training platform has also broadened reach and revenue.

The outcome

New Revenue Streams | Competitive Advantage | Client Loyalty

Since becoming a Kambium Partner, Correct Solutions has had greater engagement with clients, clearer roadmap planning, enabled delivering value in new areas such as Governance and Strategy, as we’ll as additional revenue streams.

The use of the portal has allowed Correct Solutions to deliver the new services end to end from conversations, recommendations, reporting then presenting back into actions. Becoming a Kambium Partner has allowed Correct Solutions to deliver new services end to end efficiently and with scale.