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The change to cloud is a roller coaster.

High workload and revenue while everyone moves to cloud IT… then revenue suddenly drops as servers disappear into the cloud. This sudden reduction in engineering workloads is the result of less projects, fewer servers to manage and patch. There are no more servers coming to end of life, fewer version upgrades…

What will drive your future revenue?

IT providers need to have new services ready before losing current monthly recurring revenues. Once clients cancel a monthly spend, it is very hard to recover, especially against “born in the cloud” competitor IT providers.

What happened in NZ?


Calculate your future


Add revenue

Secure new MSP revenue streams from existing and new clients

New Conversations

Completely change the nature of your conversations with clients

Client Value

Help clients use IT to grow their business


Build stronger, deeper relationships with your clients

Kambium has proven to be invaluable as a recent addition to our Managed Services offering.  With the increased requirement for face to face training services being demanded by our clients, the discovery of the training material and process Kambium offers has made all the difference. The fact that Kambium are invested in our business and ensuring its success through their training and direct engagement further supports the decision we made to partner with them.”

- Aaron Smith, Correct Solutions


Advisory Services

1. Best Practice Review - Use our web app to guide discussions with business leaders about their priorities, covering 150 aspects of their IT


2.  Present the automatically generated 20 page report back to them, which highlights current and future needs



3. Map progress against the identifed priorities, creating an upsell to ITMAAS

Workflow and Productivity Training


Consumption reports that clearly show you and your client opportunities for increased use of Office365



All the resources you need to successfully deliver end user training including user guides and trainer notes

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