Which role are you in your MSP?


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ businesses and needs
  • Demonstrate your value by presenting them with solutions to those business needs
  • Become the proactive strategic advisor rather than the reactive order taker
  • Create a qualified pipeline of opportunities to hit your sales targets and retain more clients
  • Develop non-cloud revenue

Tech Consultants

  • Offer a better CISO, ITMaaS or vCIO service. Create long term engagements by becoming too valuable to do without
  • Have a repeatable and consistent methodology for a strategic engagement with clients
  • Uncover client needs that leads to proactive recommendations
  • Shift your engagement to a higher level within client hierarchies.

Business Owner

  • Find new opportunities with clients as your traditional engagement model is challenged by digital transformation
  • Differentiate your value proposition in a crowded MSP market by upskilling your team
  • Add new service lines to diversify your revenue streams
  • Become a proactive strategic partner for your customers whose value is deeper than procurement or mid-level IT functions.

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