QBR³ (cubed)

The three dimensions of great QBRs


What do your customers need?

    • Information about their current state
    • Roadmap update : where they are heading and how it’s tracking.
    • Clarity on the decisions they need to make now.

 What do you need?

    • Amazing QBR Reports that are fast to create.
    • Amazing QBRs that your clients value and want to attend.
    • Amazing QBRs that help you progress your client relationship and advance your sales pipeline.

Prove your value to your clients.

Prove the value you give your client while getting agreement for new projects from their IT roadmap with deliberate, purposeful QBRs. 

Formalize client check-ins and keep your relationship focused on the thing that matters most to your client – helping them create enterprise value. Our QBRs are quick and easy to produce, purposeful and create value for you, and your client.

The answer to amazing QBRs is starting with the end in mind. 

It needs to consider what the client is asking for.  

Has my MSP got my back? 

Can I rely on my MSP to look after my IT investment?

Does my MSP know what I want to achieve?

How are they delivering that?

Clients are different!

Some want all the detail, others only want the highlights.

Imagine a solution that

  • Brings your client’s strategic roadmap together so your QBR is a ‘check-in’ on progress
  • Lets you include and exclude sections, dynamically refreshing the QBR agenda, and lets you hold QBR templates for large clients, small clients, cloud-only clients or any other client set.
  • Has purpose to each section and builds minutes and actions to ensure the QBR is more than a ‘check-in’ – it facilitates client decisions
  • Reviews your sales opportunities with your clients, so they approve your proposals faster
  • Lets you add your favorite specialist reports from your favorite third party MSP tools

Amazing QBRs with getKambium

Easy to use.  Fast to create.

Set the Agenda

Choose what is to be discussed – taking a starting point from your getKambium planning tool.

Begin with the agreed roadmap, taken from the getKambium DISCOVER module to frame your QBR 

Clear budgeting and cost projections

Show your client their IT budget, from committed costs to the impact of your recommended initiatives.  Clearly show operating and capital costs to make sure you have alignment with your client.  getKambium automatically builds your budgetting from data in the roadmap and ConnectWise  

SLA reporting

Easily import your service level data from Connectwise (with premium subsription) or your preferred 3rd party application. 

Review the key roadmap projects already undertaken and service performance over the last quarter,

Drive revenue

Clearly identify and focus on forward looking initiatives that your clients need and will value.  The getKambium process reminds your client of your recommended initiatives and why they are important, and even better, it leads to the client decision.

Every step of the QBR has a purpose and getKambium takes you and the client through step by step to make sure the QBR delivers value for you, and your client, and futhers your valuable partnership together.

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See the power of getKambium

Having interviewed the client and set a baseline, it is then incredibly easy to prepare for those regular meetings with customers (QBR etc.). The key to this is synchronization with ConnectWise. The ability to pull in ticket information and adjust what the customer sees moving forward is great. What makes it even better is the ability to home in on just the items that need attention.

Loren vonLintel

Sales Engineer, Nex-Tech