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a tool to help talk business to your clients, not just IT

The goal is simple: To create a vision for technology that empowers your customer to leverage technology to improve revenue, reduce costs and improve security


how you can help your client achieve their key goals and targets,

through IT projects you can lead and deliver 

Prepackaged Discovery Bundles

Discovery comes with up to 140 prepacked questions designed to help you explore your client’s requirements, including guidance about the purpose and framing of each question.

With Free Edition you get pre-packaged discovery bundles for:

Can you help your clients answer key questions like:

1. Are they meeting obligations to shareholders/stakeholders?
2. Are the appropriate IT Governance controls in place to protect business value?
3. IT is more than silicon – have they stress-tested the human side of your I.T?
4. Are they maximising their technology investment?
5. Who really controls their IT systems and data?
6. Do they have an appropriate Data Privacy Policy?
7. Do they have the right relationship with their IT provider?
8. Is the IT strategy meeting their business needs?
9. Are staff their biggest security risk?
10. Is the organisation doing enough to get the cyber-security cost/risk balance right?

Sales discovery

Explore key priorities and the IT initiatives for the MSP to record as sales opportunities.

Security discovery

Explore the cyber security risk profile of your customer, and understand their tolerance and appetite for risk, their key exposures and obligations.

Strategy discovery

Gain full understanding of your client’s current situation and their strategic priorities to achieve their goals and mitigate their risks. Uncover the client’s priorities and work with the client to build a plan to achieve these, including against timelines and budgets.


Accelerate your response and preparation of your reports with pre-prepared recommendations or write your own unique recommendations.

PDF Reports

Auto-create PDF reports to share with your client.

“Our customers are stickier now than they’ve ever been.

Their engagement with us has deepened and their reliance on us has deepened as well.

Where we were once viewed as the ‘fixers’ or the people who just fix technological problems, we’re now having very different conversations when people have a business problem”


Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of GetKambium is multi-user, letting you share content between users in the same tenancy at no additional cost.

Bundle Customisation

Add your own custom question content to expand the pre- packaged bundles and customise them to your needs. Create your own custom discovery sets by bundling our content and your own into packages for specific needs, for example your vertical markets.

Create Your Own Standard Responses

Making the same recommendations repeatedly? Save your recommendations as new standard responses for easy re- sue in your unique frequent solutions.

MS-Word Reports

Reports are available in MS-Word format customisable with your branding, logos, colours and fonts.

Export to ConnectWise

Export recommendations directly to ConnectWise.

One Great Price, All Business Sizes.

GetKambium Premium uses a simple, no surprises subscription pricing structure, no matter your business size.


per month

Includes 3 user licences


per month

Additional user licences

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