FAQs for getKambium

How long does it take to get on board with getKambium?

You get value in under an hour!  In under 60 minutes, you can run your first client getKambium Discovery or your first QBR.

1. Qualify a new prospect.

Start by qualifying a new prospect and using getKambium to differentiate yourself from a competitor with a ‘Sales Discovery’ – the free version of getKambium guides you through an interview process with new prospects to understand their needs and set you apart from other MSPs for having a structured engagement process.

(Bonus – the Premium version of getKambium will let you brand the reports this creates AND automatically post the opportunities identifies automatically into ConnectWise)

2. Run a QBR

QBRs are set to go.  For clients who have been through a getKambium Disocvery, you will get that data included in the QBR, and with the Premum version, you will get key data straight from ConnectWise – all set up in a matter of minutes.

How many clients can I use with the free version?

There are currently no limits to the number of clients or reviews with the free version of getKambium.

Does the free version expire?

No, you can stay on the free version as long as you like.

Can I have more than one colleague share my getKambium tenancy.

Yes, a premium account gives you 3 users who can share your data, and you can add more as you need.

How quickly can QBRs be created?

getKambium QBRs take minutes to prepare for clients that have been through DISCOVERY.

A getKambium review lets you choose what to include or exclude, from strategy to tickets, from roadmap to proposed initiatives, active agreements and configuration/life cycle data.

You can even combine your favorite third party reports for any specialised tools you use.

I haven’t done a DISCOVERY yet for my client, so can I still do a QBR?

The ‘R’ in QBR stands for review and you need something to report on!  If you haven’t yet done a review, you can still report on data in ConnectWise, if you have a premium subscription.

Do I have to use Manage for all my clients.

No, you don’t. In fact we think that only a minority of your clients will want this service, but those that do will form your most strategic client partnerships.