Lead your client’s digital transformation

 Across organizations, IT Managers share between 80-90% common responsibilities. Our process covers all key aspects that IT Managers should be responsible for in a systematic methodology. 

Let’s Talk Benefits:

  • Boost your offerings with scalable services that don’t depend on traditional IT support services.
  • Develop new IT strategies, define new goals for growth and ensure security and compliance.
  • Secure premium services that support ongoing IT management, from strategy and budgeting to internal staff management and data governance.

Built from real IT Manager & CIO job descriptions and role accountabilities, our ITMAAS system is THE answer to scalable, consistent, high-quality vCIO delivery.

GetKambium tells your consulting team what to do, when it needs to be done,and gives you the tools and templates you need

Prepackaged vCISO Plans

Manage provides prepackaged plans for vCISO or general IT Manager as a Service (vCIO) based on the typical job description of IT Managers. Exports to Kambium Task Manager.

Quoting Tool

The quoting tool lets you quickly size an engagement and provide a choice of good/better/best pricing and engagement plans. Content generated in PDF.

Workflow Manager

The workflow manager helps you map and plan for upcoming workload so you consistently meet your ITMaaS obligations. Reports generated in PDF.

Recommendation Database

Keep track of and manage manage all recommendations given to the client in a central database so you never miss an opportunity.

“I’m delighted with our relationship with GetKambium. The team has been very supportive, and I highly recommend them to anybody who is considering raising the bar in the connections that they have with the businesses they support”


Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of GetKambium is multi-user, letting you share content between users in the same tenancy at no additional cost.


Guided Tasks

Each task comes with instructions and templates to assist your consulting team to deliver their work obligations quickly and easily.

Export to ConnectWise & MS Planner

GetKambium lets you work the way you need, with exporting of forward workload tasks to ConnectWise or Microsoft Planner.

Export Quotes in MS-Word

Quoting Tool content generated in MS-Word ready to include in your sales proposals

MS-Word Workflow Manager Reports

Export reports from Workflow Manager in MS-Word for full customisation with your brand assets.

One Great Price, All Business Sizes.

GetKambium Premium uses a simple, no surprises subscription pricing structure, no matter your business size.


per month

Includes 3 user licences


per month

Additional user licences

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