“This is amazing! Why couldn’t I find getKambium when I searched for vCIO tools?” was the question I was asked on a recent sales call.

The honest truth is that we haven’t turned up the SEO or online marketing efforts yet – albeit it’s not far away.  The agency is being briefed, and we have spent the last few weeks preparing the necessary content.  Expect to see us starting to be a bit noisier over coming months.

But also, I HATE the term “vCIO”

Let me explain… 

Surely a vCIO is, well, a virtual CIO.   Based on the job title, surely their purpose is to undertake the work of a CIO, but on a part-time basis?  Perfect for businesses that rely on IT and tech in general to be more competitive, but aren’t big enough to justify a fulltime role?  

That’s what getKambium believes a vCIO *should* do. We have even been hard at work building a module (slightly behind schedule but due for release in a few weeks) that gives MSPs a framework to do just that.  Check out our description : Manage Module | getKambium

The challenge is that the term vCIO has usually applied to what we at getKambium think is really the work of an account manager – ensuring the MSP is aligned with the client and delivering a secure, reliable platform for the customer. 

That is incredbibly important work!  It’s why we’ve given these tools, such as QBR, priority in the getKambium roadmap.  

But is it well-named?  We don’t think so.  But it is the name the MSP eco-system uses, and who are we to argue against that too strongly!

Why does GREAT vCIO matter?

Because our client needs are changing and, as MSPs, we have a fantastic opportunity to adapt!